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As national grid extension costs rise, a growing space for minigrids emerges over off-grid or grid solutions. Small-to-medium size settlements with average economic capacity and high distances-to-grid offer a strong argument for mini-grid solutions

Energy from Community Roots in Sub-Saharan Africa

Dr Jon Cloke writes on the decentralization argument for energy access, implementation challenges, and justice in energy transitions in Sub-Saharan Africa The global energy crisis between 2019-2021 has worsened energy access in Africa – it has been estimated that the population of SSA without electricity will increase by 11% to 2030 (Butu et al, 2021). […]

A photo of the Mpanta mini-grid solar array, showing ground-mounted solar photovoltaic panels.

Mpanta Solar PV Project in Zambia

In our latest blog, Nandi Mbazima writes on the Mpanta solar mini-grid project in Zambia. As the first community-based renewable mini-grid developed in Zambia, the Mpanta Solar PV Project was developed as a demonstration project to showcase a viable inclusive governance scheme that can provide and sustain electricity to a rural community. While the community project […]

Share of renewable energy in Lesotho's total final energy consumption from 1990 to 2015. Renewables share peaks at 57% in 2000 before falling to 52% in 2015.

Lesotho’s Renewable Energy Opportunities

Dr Moeketsi Kali writes on the current situation and potential for renewable energy developments in Lesotho. Lesotho’s leading renewable energy generation is state-owned and managed by Lesotho Electricity Company (LEC). The Lesotho Highlands Development Authority (LHDA) generates electricity, and LEC transmits and distributes it across the country. In addition to hydro, LEC manages a mini-grid […]