Xavier Lemaire

Dr Xavier Lemaire has a background in management and sociology. He has over 20 years’ experience as a practitioner and a researcher on clean energy policies and regulation, energy access and the analysis of territorial development and infrastructure projects mainly in the Global South. Xavier is Senior Research Associate at UCL - Institute for Sustainable Resources and he is the Principal Investigator on the UKRI-GCRF ENR-Demos project.

Elusiyan Eludoyin

Dr Elusiyan Olufemi Eludoyin was a Research Fellow at the UCL Energy Institute and Co-Investigator on the UKRI-GCRF ENR-Demos project. His work covers interdisciplinary research on energy for development in countries across Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. He worked on the ENR-Demos project till May 2022. He is now Senior Energy Sector Advisor at Kuungana Advisory.

Nandi Mbazima

Nandi Mbazima is a Research Assistant on the UKRI-GCRF ENR-Demos project. She is also a Doctoral Researcher at University College London (UCL), in the UK, where her research interests lie in renewable energy and energy access. She holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management from Duke University and an Honours Bachelor Degree from the University of Toronto where she completed a double major in Environmental Policy and Practice and in Economics.

Norbert Edomah

Dr. Norbert Edomah is currently based at the School of Science and Technology, Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos, Nigeria. He has over 15 years of industrial and academic experience in the energy field. His principal research interests lies in the multidisciplinary field of energy policy, electricity planning and sustainability.

Gogo Ndulue

Gogo Ndulue is currently a Research Associate at the School of Science and Technology, Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos, Nigeria. He has over 10 years of industrial experience in the Nigeria Electricity Supply Industry with specialization in Electricity Distribution Systems. Most recently, he co-authored an article on Energy transition in a lockdown that analyses the impact of COVID-19 on changes in electricity demand in Lagos Nigeria.

Jon Cloke

Dr Jon Cloke is National Manager of the Low Carbon Energy for Development Network (LCEDN) and has been recently appointed as Associate Fellow at the Durham Energy Institute. Jon works with Modern Energy Cooking Services and has been involved in UK Innovate’s Energy Catalyst programme. Jon’s previous low carbon transitions work includes co-facilitating for USES (Understanding Sustainable Energy Solutions) and on two USES projects, Renewable Energy And Decentralization (READ) and Solar Nanogrids (SONG).

Mulima Nyambe- Mubanga

Mulima Nyambe-Mubanga is a Research Fellow at the Zambia Institute for Policy Analysis and Research (ZIPAR). She is a Social Scientist and Policy Analyst with over 10 years of research and policy analysis experience. Mulima completed her Masters at Lund University, Sweden in International Trade Policy and Trade Law. Most recently Mulima co-authored an article on ‘Bridging the divide? Integrating stakeholder values into energy system models’

Muntanga Munkombwe

Muntanga Munkombwe is a Visiting Researcher at ZIPAR, with over a decade of experience in transforming rural Zambia through renewable energy. He is a master's student pursuing a degree in Renewable Energy Engineering at the University of Zambia. His work has profoundly impacted the lives of over 30,000 individuals, achieved through a blend of innovation and hands-on implementation. Bridging the energy divide is his enduring passion!

Seroala Tsoeu-Ntokoane

Seroala Tsoeu-Ntokoane is a senior lecturer at Political and Administrative Studies at The National University of Lesotho. She specializes in public policy analysis, development management and gender studies. She has more than 15 years of experience as a research professional in diverse fields such as informal economic policy and spatial regulation, garment Industry and trade unions, Gender intersectionality in various sectors, Adolescent health policy, democratization and political constitutionalism, Futures studies – The Lesotho we want forecasting scenarios and most recently, right to development within SADC Policy framework. She has research collaborations with various government institutions, non-governmental organizations and international agencies such as the EU and UNDP

Moeketsi Kali

Moeketsi Kali is a researcher at the Pan African University Institute of Governance, Humanities and Social Sciences under the funding of the African Union. He has authored book chapters and journal articles. His latest piece was on “The untold story of civil society organizations’ contribution to peacebuilding in Lesotho.” Kali speaks Sesotho, English and French. He worked with the African Movement for Democracy, Network for Solidarity and Transformation for All, and Lesotho’s Independent Electoral Commission. Kali is currently working as a research assistant at the National University of Lesotho investigating the political energy system of Lesotho (Energy democracy and Politics of Energy Transition in Africa) under the University College London funded by United Kingdom Research and Innovation Global Challenges Research Fund.

Daniel Kerr

Daniel Kerr is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Environment and Sustainability at the University of Surrey in the UK. He has 13 years of experience in energy access, renewable energy and urbanisation research. His main research interests include informal urbanisation and informal settlements, the gender/energy/poverty nexus, and off-grid and grid-integrated rural and urban electrification. He has a Masters degree in Energy and Sustainable Development from De Montfort University, and is currently finishing his PhD thesis on electrification in urban informal settlements.